Crystals in my heart
Crystals in my heart
Crystals in my heart

Crystals in my heart

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-Green Calcite: emotional balance and relieve stress.

-Emerald: enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship.

-Topaz: brings joy, abundance and good health.

-Pyrite: shields and protects against negative energy.

-Citrine: help releases negative energy, fears and phobias. Promotes motivation, creativity and encourages self expression.

(Disclosure: I’m not stating these are actual facts. For entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help.)

One of a kind original painting by Yaya. This piece is the one and only like it! Completely freehanded with unique hand mixed colors. This painting has a lot of texture and 3D feel with beautiful dimensions to it. When I think of a sculpture on a canvas THIS is what comes to mind.


**Colors may vary on different screens and devices**


All of my work is original and one of a kind. All rights are reserved to Yaya. Your paintings cannot be duplicated without my consent.


Measurements: 9x8.5 inches


Mix Media



We do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. For more info please read “Shipping Info” tab. Beyond the Canvas by Yaya is not responsible if client has not read the policy


DISCLOSURE: None of my work is edible. Not a single item on this website should be eaten. These paintings are not meant to be eaten. Please DO NOT try to eat, taste or lick the paintings. These are meant to enjoy with your eyes and hands only. If for any reason the painting has been digested visit your local doctor or veterinarian.