A Letter From Yaya

Hola! I'm Yaya :)

I'm the artist behind all the fun unique pieces you see on my website! As you can tell I love beautiful things, art and looking FABULOUS for myself! I'm all about feeling comfortable and expressing who I am with what I wear.

I started Beyond the Canvas by Yaya when my husband was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I remember working on base and feeling underwhelmed with the career I had chosen. I decided to start selling my art part time to military families and the local Japanese community until I felt brave enough to quit my stable job. My business started on my kitchen table with supplies from Daiso! I wasn't sure where this path would take me, but I quit my job working on base after experiencing panic attacks for weeks! I had to completely trust the process for the sake of my happiness and health. My first month of becoming a full time artist I LOST so much money. It was scary. With the support of my husband I pushed through it and continued to do what I love! Beyond the Canvas by Yaya opened in Japan moved to San Diego and now Kansas! 

The team behind Beyond the Canvas by Yaya is Yaya. This is a one person ran business! I create your pieces, package them and respond to all the emails and messages I receive daily! I appreciate all of your support and so thankful to do what I do! 

Random things about me:

I spent part on my childhood in Guanajuato, Mexico.

I'm Mexican, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese.

I speak 3 languages. Guess which ones? :)

I've been married for 11 years to my high school sweetheart.

I LOVE food. Tacos are life changing! 

Goats, donkeys and geese make me happy. 

My plan is to live on a farm, have a happy little family, a few dogs, eat good food and paint for the rest of my life. 

Thank you for being on this journey with me!